Pixel 4 XL Reviewed on YouTube 1 Month Before Promotion

Google's new flagship, the Pixel 4 XL, is about a month away, but it seems that some YouTube channels have reached the working version of the device and shot a review video on YouTube.

Apple, iPhone 11 officially introduced yesterday. As you know, as soon as a product emerges in the world of technology, it starts to age and users stare at newer devices. Today, the smartphone that attracts attention on Google's new device Pixel 4 XL. Some details about the new phone, whose design is published directly by Google, have been spreading rapidly on the internet for the last few days.

The video was uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago. The video broadcasted by AnhEm TV not only shows the phone, but also tells the software side. Previously we saw the small images and short videos of the device so we watched the first review video, but we want to remind you more than 1 month before the output of the device.

Introducing Pixel 4 XL:

As you can see from above, all the features mentioned above have been confirmed. The unlikely notch of the Pixel 3 XL has been replaced by a much more elegant but slightly older frame. The back of the phone is white and the edges are black. The power button on the left is orange. On the back, there is a square camera module like the iPhone 11.

The software is also examined in the video that Google has made a number of changes and improvements. Especially the camera application has become more simple and useful than ever before. The "Smooth Display", which proves the 90 Hz display and the "Switch between 60 Hz and 90 Hz" options are also clearly visible in the video. If a video isn't good enough for you, there's another 13-minute review video posted by another channel. In this video we see the other color options.


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Pixel 4 XL; not one, but two videos:

Bu How people acquired Google Pixel 4 XL attracted review " frankly, we don't know. Maybe they're all the work of Google's advertising team and they're building the infrastructure for the phone. Stay tuned to see the review video when the device is officially introduced 🙂