Pixel 4a in the test: Google makes the pixel smaller and cheaper

After a delay Google launched its new mid-range smartphone Pixel 4a. The successor to the Pixel 3a, which has been praised by the press, is once again aimed at users who do not want to spend too much on a smartphone, value good photos and want a pure Google Android with all its advantages.

The test quickly shows that the Pixel 4a is a good economy version of the Pixel 4: Google has dispensed with less frills, but has not saved in terms of image quality and software functions. The Pixel 4a is not free of criticism either, despite a reasonable price of 350 euros.

  • In the first part of the test, we look at the general hardware of the Pixel 4a. Thanks to the new design, Google was able to make the smartphone smaller than the Pixel 3a, but the display is larger.
  • In the second part, we take a closer look at the camera. The Pixel 4a takes good pictures, but the camera is not versatile.
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  • At the end you can find our conclusion as usual.

The Pixel 4a, like all Pixel smartphones, comes in an inconspicuous box, which Google happily does without plastic. The inlay is made of cardboard, the cable is held together by a paper sleeve. Plastic is only found in the form of a protective film on the Pixel 4a itself.

Thanks to a front camera built directly into the display, the Pixel 4a has a narrow frame around the screen. (Image: Tobias Költzsch /

Google Pixel 4 64GB Cell Phone, White, Clearly White, Android 10

The box already seems very small to us – and indeed: The Pixel 4a is a small device compared to most other smartphones on the market.

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