Planned renaming: Facebook is committed to its subsidiaries

For a long time, Facebook has kept out of its two major acquisitions, Instagram and WhatsApp, at least by name. Soon, however, the daughters of the social network are to receive an addition to the name as an indication of the mother. For the first time, the social network is clearly committed to its former competitors. Internally, the plan is likely to cause some unrest, especially as it is rumored that the hitherto independent departments should also be more closely connected to the core platform.

According to the Details of the portal The information The platforms will be called "Instagram from Facebook" or "WhatsApp from Facebook". The new "branding" should be visible both within the applications themselves and in the app stores. The social network had bought the photo service Instagram 2012 for just a billion US dollars. WhatsApp cost the company almost twenty times over: $ 19 billion was lost to Messenger in 2014.

There are some reasons for the late confession. It is obvious that Facebook wants to combine the two services inseparably with the core business. The voices that the brand power of the social network is now clearly too big are louder lately. In May, Chris Hughes, one of the co-founders of Facebook, demanded smashing. He wrote in the New York Times that the company should be forced to reject the whatsApp and Instagram subsidiaries. Shortly thereafter, the breakup was also the topic in the US election campaign.

Mark Zuckerberg, however, is frustrated by the lack of appreciation his company receives for the growth of Instagram and WhatsApp. In the external effect, the suffix "from Facebook" should be a double-edged sword: On the one hand, it serves the vanity of the mother, but could harm the two daughters in the medium term, enjoy many users a better reputation.

The founders of WhatsApp and Instagram have both left Facebook over the past two years, and Zuckerberg has replaced them with long-established Facebook managers. US media reported tense relationships between Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger of Instagram on the one hand, and Mark Zuckerberg on the other. Above all, the latter had the autonomy of the photo service more and more restricted and with the transfer of the Facebook manager Adam Mosseri to Instagram, the two founders moved to leave.

It's no secret that the withdrawal of WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton was about different views on encryption and advertising. Forbes cites him as referring to Facebook's leadership: "They are good business people and they stand for a number of business practices, principles and ethics that I do not necessarily agree with." His own role in the acquisition, he sees quite self-critical: "Ultimately, it is that I have sold my company, I have sold the privacy of my users for a larger profit."

A corporate spokeswoman has the planned renaming The information confirmed and emphasized that it was a matter of clarifying which services and products were part of Facebook. However, the spokeswoman denies that the staff responsible for Instagram's direct messaging function should report directly to the Facebook Messenger team.


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