Platinum Games: The Wonderful 101 is showered with money

It took about 20 minutes, then the first goal of the Kickstarter campaign was achieved: fans made around 45,000 euros available to the Japanese developer Studio Platinum Games on February 3, 2020 to implement The Wonderful 101 for the Nintendo Switch to produce.

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Since then, the flow of money has hardly waned. A day later, supporters pledged well over a million euros and thus unlocked a port for Playstation 4 and for Windows PC on Steam.

The next goal is around 1.75 million euros. Then there should also be a remix of the soundtrack. An implementation for Xbox One and for other platforms is currently not planned. According to the developers, the program could later appear for other systems.

The Wonderful 101 is an action game released for the Wii U in 2013. It takes place in an over-the-top superhero scenario and offers very fast and challenging battles against all kinds of alien threats. The ratings at the time were good, but not overwhelming – a sustainable cult has never actually arisen around the title.

Presumably, the community's current enthusiasm for The Wonderful 101 has at least partly to do with the humorous and very authentic Platinum Games campaign. For example, you can have chief developer Hideki Kamiya block you on Twitter after sending a personal tweet. You have to promise the team around 92 euros in support.

Around 33 euros are required to access the download version. Work on the implementation is apparently already well advanced: Platinum Games promises delivery for April 2020. However, some of the extras should only be delivered to supporters in November 2020.

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