Players in Pokemon GO can build pokestop

Niantic announced that a new Pokemon Go player could add PokeStops to the map

Niantic continues to update and improve Pokemon Go. The latest innovation is quite interesting. Now Pokemon Go players will be able to add PokeStop to the game map. However, this process has some requirements and the PokeStop insertion process will proceed with the check.

Your new feature will be presented first in Brazil and South Korea. Players reaching level 40 will be included in the PokeStop nomination system. PokeStop will present photos of candidates as candidates. If candidate PokeStops are found eligible they will be added to the map.


The system will be used mainly to identify places that are out of sight but suitable for PokeStop.
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Appropriate candidates may also be appointed as Gym. However, within the process, players will have to send a description of the position they want PokeStop to be. As a result of the evaluations, the locations will be added as 'Gym' or 'PokeStop' according to their 'significance'.