PlayStation 5 Game Engine Related Demos

The latest version of PlayStation became official as of yesterday. Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will be available in the last quarter of 2020. Now it turns out that the company sends demos to game developers. These demos showcase the skills of the PlayStation 5 game engine "Haptic".

Japan-based technology giant Sony, finally unleashed the bean and announced the release date of the PlayStation 5. The company's CEO, Jim Ryan, said the PlayStation 5 will be launched in the last quarter of 2020. This development, which created great excitement in the gaming industry, came with a host of new information.

In fact, PlayStation 5 has long been known to many developers. In fact, companies have already started work on PlayStation 5 compatible games. Already in the past, Sony created development kits for PlayStation 5 and the design of the kits was revealed. It is now announced that Sony has sent some demos to the developer companies.

PS5 Dev Kit

The technology giant will use a new game engine called "Haptic" on the PlayStation 5 console. This engine aims to make games much more realistic. In fact, Haptic's difference is evident in the company's demos sent to game developers. So much so, Sony posted a demo of the game Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation 5. Haptic's response to gamers is said to be extremely realistic.

Those who experience Gran Turismo Sport say that this game engine can react immediately. In fact, in this racing game, if the wheel of a vehicle into the gravel, the difference can be clearly understood. Therefore, we can say that the PlayStation 5 can be dynamic according to the way the car is located.

Gran Turismo Sport

Sony didn't just send Gran Turismo Sport to demonstrate the capabilities of the Haptic engine. With this game a few more games were passed on to the companies and the developers had the opportunity to experience the games. The PlayStation 5 will create a new revolution in the game.

Of course, Sony's new game engine is not an incredibly technological innovation. However, many gamers seem to be able to experience a whole new gaming experience with the PlayStation 5. In fact, according to Wired's report, Sony has been working for the Haptic engine for years. The report reveals that the development of this technology was even before Dualshock 4.


Description of Exciting PlayStation 5 Game from Bluepoint Games

Sony seems to be marketing the PlayStation 5 with the newest game engine. For the time being, however, as gamers, it is not possible to know exactly what this engine offers. But especially in the year 2020, we can see the games and more concrete information developed for PlayStation 5. This will show gamers more clearly what Haptic has to offer.