Popular Bitcoin investor left! He said '50,000' on the way out.

Crypto, one of the most well-known crypto money analysts and investors in the crypto-money market with more than 200,000 followers, announced that it had left the industry for a while.

The Bitcoin investor also said that while farewell, Bitcoin's price would rise above $ 50K, and that the global FOMO (fear of opportunity) would be fired again. . If the price continues to fall, buy more. Patience be with you. 65

While Yoda was interrupted and unknown, some commented that this was a sign that the market had reached the bottom. Yoda joined Twitter at the beginning of the bull market in 2017. Ramen, a popular crypto-money enthusiast, claimed that CryptoYoda was a 'bull market expert' for a large part of 2018, and that the separation decision could show that the base was rapidly approaching.

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