PornHub Plans to Buy Tumblr

PornHub's vice president announced that they are planning to buy Tumblr and to lift the ban on adult content to free the marginalized groups on Tumblr

. you knew something would change with the lift. Not long after, Tumblr completely removed adult content on its platform and completely banned adult content. Tumblr, a highly favored platform for marginal sexual groups, had come from a considerable number of active audiences

. It looks like he has blown his appetite. Corey Price, vice president of PornHub, said that they want adult content to return to Tumblr, and they are interested in buying Tumblr to make it happen.


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PornHub invites Tumblr users to their communities where millions of people share their tweets with the official Twitter account, while curators can create content such as personal diets, playlists and GIFs; content creators, video, photos, GIF and text broadcasts to reach a large community and said they can generate income from the contents. Verizon didn't talk about the sale of Tumblr to PornHub at the moment.