Positive Bitcoin price momentum in 2018 is still very possible

The price of bitcoin is clearly not in good shape right now. It does not seem to change in the near future. Looking at the long-term picture, many things may change over the coming months. Due to low prices it is easy to overlook positive developments in the Bitcoin world today.

Generally speaking, when people talk about Bitcoin, they get the price centered. This is very normal because the price is an important metric for number one crypt money. Even so, the price only tells a small part of the story of how the Bitcoin ecosystem developed at any given time. In addition, the manipulation of the Bitcoin price has become much easier, and this has also triggered a manipulation investigation by the state.

Bitcoin's value has declined by about 65 percent compared to the peak level. But most people seem less uncomfortable with these short-term changes in Bitcoin. Even Binang's CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said it was a temporary trend that took place every year.

Some analysts also claim that Bitcoin will see a $ 20,000 summit again this year. Crypto is nothing in the world of money.

Looking at the future with positive news

There are many positive developments if we exclude the bitcoin price. Bitcoin is preparing to receive several important technical updates in the coming months. Transaction fees are already on the decline and things will get better with future scaling solutions.

Moreover, Bitcoin's acceptance as a payment method is also on the rise.

Increasing regulatory steps in Bitcoin … In March, G20 countries held a preliminary meeting of the crypto-banking regulator in March. More concrete steps are expected in the coming July.

When all these changes come together, the price of Bitcoin will undoubtedly be positively affected.

Last, but most importantly, the world's largest stock exchanges already have a cryptographic relationship with crypto-money to work intensively to develop products.

Source: NewsBTC

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