Possible Features of LG G9 ThinQ

LG is in the process of developing its new flagship G9 ThinQ, which will be launched in the coming years.

One of South Korea's leading technology manufacturers, LG is currently working on the new smartphone G9 ThinQ. Although LG refrains from making a statement about it, so far there has been a lot of information about this LG model. The information is uncertain, but at least shows what we can expect from the LG G9 ThinQ. Here are the features that the LG G9 ThinQ is expected to have:

OLED Display Design and Front Camera

Unfortunately, the OLED displays used by LG on their smartphones have never caught up with Samsung's Super AMOLED displays. LG was well aware of this and, after completing the work on the screen, patented a screen structure similar to the above image. Obviously, for which phone this patent was obtained at the end of 2018, it was not known. This almost frameless perforated display design is just one of the features that the LG G9 ThinQ is expected to have. In addition to this, a screen design that will surprise LG's customers is the display with a front camera underneath the screen. LG has R & D capabilities to do this, but it is not known if the company finds it worthwhile to use.

Versatile and Numerous Rear Cameras

The reason why we think of such a camera structure is of course a 16-camera rear-camera patent that LG received in the past. In this patent, the LG G9 makes the ThinQ more likely to come with at least a 4-camera. The fact that the 16 patents are designed to be able to see at different angles also highlights the idea of ​​developing the LG G9 ThinQ with at least four rear camera installations capable of focusing different angles. We don't know if there are 16 rear cameras, but it's quite possible that we see a 4-way rear camera setup on the LG G9 ThinQ.

One of the great features of this patent is that all sensors can register simultaneously. Supported by programs, these camera sensors can capture a much more detailed and larger area than today's rear cameras.

Changes to the Interface

Although the LG G8 introduced the ThinQ with the Android 9, unfortunately, many users of the Android 9 could not fully use the innovations. As such, reactions to LG were not delayed. We think that LG will also consider this issue and hope that it will make serious improvements to the interface. Besides the interface, the LG G9 ThinQ, which will have an OLED display, is likely to have dark mode support.


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Headphone jack

The headphone jack has been slowly changing. Smartphone manufacturers have begun to use USB-C headphones instead of the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, this situation has divided users into two. Even if some people think that removing this jack will be a freedom for the slimness of the phone, even Samsung has not given up on the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

This is the expected feature for LG's new smartphone, which LG is preparing to launch in the coming years. In order to see if LG will meet these expectations and come with a greater surprise, we need to wait for the company's disclosures.