Posted Quarantine Report for Turkey and European Countries

Although vaccination studies have started in many countries around the world, we cannot say that we have yet overcome the coronavirus. Therefore, various measures still need to be taken in this regard. Well, which country is taking what kind of measures?

Causing the death of more than 2.1 million people worldwide coronavirus The year 2020 had passed with quarantine and restrictions. It is not possible to say that there has been a lot of change in this regard in 2021.

In many European countries, including us COVID-19 Various measures are being taken to combat it. While some countries have declared countrywide or regional quarantines, in some countries these measures manifest themselves as curfews.

Quarantine and curfews in Europe

European countries quarantine decisions

Mid july second wave Spain and France, which started, switched to quarantine in October. France later switched from quarantine to curfew, and countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg followed a similar path to France.

Although Spain imposed curfews and regional quarantines across the country, the increase in the number of cases continued. Italy, the country where coronavirus was most common in the early days of the epidemic, follows a similar path to Spain. Including Romania, Turkey, Hungary and also in Albania national curfews is being implemented.

Germany made a nationwide quarantine decision in November after the rapid increase in the number of cases, while the UK and Central European countries followed them. Later, countries such as Scotland, Bulgaria and Denmark quarantine application across the country made the decisions.


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In addition, there were countries like Norway that kept restrictions a little looser. Norway, for example, allowed indoor gatherings of up to 200 people, provided that distance rules are followed. worldwide vaccination rates As it increases, such measures are expected to be softened.

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