Poverty will end with Blockchain!

On May 11, the American multinational technology giant IBM, Global Citizen and NGO dedicated to reducing poverty, said they would sponsor a Blockchain platform competition that could be signed and donated.

To make the Blockchain platform about the intentional philanthropy

According to IBM's statement, one of the major problems facing philanthropic institutions is to ensure that donated funds, which is the main goal of the organization, are used in effective and productive ways.

We must be confident that if we solve social problems such as extreme poverty or infectious disease, especially the federal government, which is the most influential donor group in the world, gets the money promised.

IBM and Global Citizen are the main goals of the competition

This competition is aimed at ending poverty with Blockchain

The "Challenge Accepted" contest is the first in the IBM Blockchain Platform to be hosted by the contestants. seeking to establish a three-member network in which charitable organizations are registered, as second members, and by governments, private donations and funds are transferred for certain reasons, and finally all of them are registered by Global Citizen.

Ka the prospective project will have a product with minimal validity on IBM's website.

Blockchain comes as a solution to societal problems

Last year, the UK-based Blockchain charity Alice, a pilot version of a blockchain-based donation platform, He explained. Alice uses a smart contract to transfer mission-based charitable organizations to the London homeless support organization.

Yesterday, the Pineapple Fund, known as the Bitcoin (BTC) charitable organization, donated to various charities around the world and said it completed the 5104 BTC mission.

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This application date was run by a charity who started at the middle of Bitcoin price increase in 2017 and uses Pine nickname.