Powerline DC: Anchor Plans USB-C to DC Hollow-Plug Cable

Anker wants to bring soon a USB C-cable on the market, with which old notebooks or vacuum robots can be charged. This cable has a USB-C port on one side and a DC hollow connector on the other side. These DC hollow plugs, sometimes referred to as barrel or low-voltage connection, were still widely used in notebooks until a few years ago. Meanwhile, however, has spread USB Type C and thus also USB-C power supplies, which are in more and more offices lying around. If you have a USB-C notebook, this is convenient because the user – no matter which notebook he has – can simply borrow a power adapter.

Job market

  1. Engelhorn GmbH & Co. KGaA, Mannheim
  2. Dürr Systems AG, Bietigheim-Bissingen

If you use a notebook with a barrel connection, it is harder. Mostly it has to be a comparatively special power supply. This should change with Ankers Powerline DC on USB-C, as the cable is called. However, it is currently a very rough announcement. There is neither a price nor an expected availability.

Currently, it is only known that Anker plans the cable with a length of 1.8 and 3 meters. There should also be three hollow connectors. Anker does not say which ones should be. However, it is clear that Anker will exploit the capabilities of USB Power Delivery. With a maximum of 100 watts and a maximum of 20 volts, you can charge a lot in principle. Anker also mentions electric razors and projectors in addition to old notebooks and vacuum robots. But it should not stay that way.

However, one prerequisite for the cable must be given: Assuming that higher voltages are needed, the user still has to have a good power delivery power supply. The simple cell phone chargers may not always work, because power delivery is just an option for USB standards.