Practice against WHO from Coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic, which spread from Wuhan city of China and affected the world, caused more than 4 million cases and more than 277 thousand deaths. While the countries were looking for ways to stop the epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to make a smartphone app that controls coronavirus symptoms.

The number of cases in some countries such as Turkey enters a downward trend, aims to sustain this success. At a time when the second wave was warned in the epidemic from South Korea and Germany, WHO the application developed against coronavirus plans to put it into operation in May.

WHO Chief Information Officer Bernardo Mariano, who shares detailed information about the application, which is stated to be open source, will ask people about the symptoms with the application, so that the software whether there will be coronavirus He said he would guide. The government willing will be able to add the features it wants by taking this technology.

Application against WHO against coronavirus:

Engineers and designers, including former Microsoft and Google employees, have been voluntarily working on the development of the app for weeks. Code, Hosted on GitHub and will be open to general input. Applications have already been developed in India, Australia, and the UK with features that suggest testing for coronavirus-based testing.

Some of the applications developed are using the location of users contact tracking tracking He is doing. As countries gradually reopen their economies, contact monitoring measures will be extremely necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health has developed the "Life Eve Favorites" side note, I also download the mobile app that over 5 million.

Contact with Bluetooth will be followed:

Returning to the application developed by the World Health Organization, Bluetooth based contact tracking method it is said to adopt. WHO engineers, who were working on preliminary studies, held talks with Apple and Google on the acceptance of the application. In mid-May, the project is expected to be launched.


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On the one hand Application related to coronavirus tracking WHO, on the other hand, prepared an application for health professionals. The application, which will be available next week, will contain information on the best wearing of protective equipment, hand washing and virus treatment. The application will be part of WHO's application called "WHO Info".

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