Preparing SpaceX for Massive Space Ship Tests

Elon Musk's crazy project BFR, the space ship carrying the potential to carry colonies, will begin flight testing next year for the Mars mission.

The giant spacecraft project BFR SpaceX can carry to Mars a large number of people is almost testable It is in a state of progress. A "space ship" of 106 meters in length and 9 meters in width can begin test flights for space missions in the second half of 2019 if it does not encounter a major problem.

The project that SpaceX gave us last year's clues consists of two parts as "Planetary Interpretation System" and "Pushing Rocket Space Ship", as Elon Musk says. Taking the rocket power from the company's next-generation rocket technology, Raptor, BFR will begin tests and flights in 2019, based on information from SpaceX; followed by the trajectory in 2020.


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SpaceX plans to serve at least two unmanned mars until 2022 before serving BFR humanity. As dates show 2025, the project will begin to focus on people.

The transport times targeted by the Earth-to-Earth project are as follows: BFR (BFR)

22 minutes from Hong Kong to Singapore
Los Angeles to Toronto – 24 minutes
From Bangkok to Dubai – 27 minutes
From New York to Paris – 30 minutes
London to Dubai – 29 minutes






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