President Erdogan's Statement on Coronary Measures

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to the nation under the coronavirus measures. President Erdogan, "our citizens our only request must comply strictly with general warning to break the spread of the disease process in the days ahead critical. The speed of propagation of the disease with a good isolation breaking within 2-3 weeks, we will be surely the least damage possible. We call home stay Turkey for this," he said.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey koronavirüsl to about He evaluated the developments in his address to the nation. elderly calling again, "Never go out" the message that President Erdogan, the world will be reshaped after the outbreak and said Turkey will emerge stronger from this process somehow.

'Stay home Turkey' emphasis:

Turkey's, since the disease first emerged following the developments, Erdogan stressed that one of the rare countries in the field of measures, taken after the quarantine of citizens brought from the city of Wuhan in China 14 days later He reminded them that they went to their homes in a healthy way and said: “We have declared the need arrangements for the fight against the disease and the compensation of their economic consequences. In our country, we have watched 53 thousand citizens in their homes and 8 thousand citizens in the hospital. ”

“The lives of every citizen are equally important to us. For this 'home remains Turkey' call " Using the expressions of President Erdoğan, to social distanceHe emphasized that attention should be paid to cleaning, washing hands after disinfection, disinfection with cologne. Erdogan stated that they pay special attention to elderly citizens.

He pointed to the 2-3 week period:

President Erdoğan also said, all kinds of scenarios stating that their preparations are available, “With a good isolation, we will surely break the spreading rate of the disease within 2-3 weeks, with the least possible damage. Otherwise, it is inevitable that we will face heavier measures with heavier results. As a state, we expect support and understanding from our citizens while doing our part with all our institutions ” said.


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nothing will be the same after the outbreak of the world, and with the advantages of a new era in Turkey strong infrastructure Expressing that they entered with Erdoğan, “Hopefully bright tomorrows are waiting for us. As long as we comply with the warnings. Be patient, be careful. Let's take care of the cleanliness of ourselves and our environment. Measure, struggle, acting discreetly is from us, appreciation from God ” he spoke.

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