President of Turkey Space Agency, Announces Name Suggestions

Turkey Serdar Space Agency Chairman Huseyin Yildirim, in an interview with Sputnik’l the astronauts gave the name to use instead of seeking their advice. Yıldırım announced that Turkish and all other space passengers could be referred to as ‘fezagir’.

Show Calendar 9 February when Turkey’s agenda was a time in space. The reason for this is that it is stated that it covers the next 10 years. Turkey’s National Space Program was officially introduced. Turkey has described the 10 goals he wanted to accomplish in space that night also began to take astronauts to the Turkish proposals original name.

Although many users on social media have suggested names to be used for Turkish astronauts, it is still unknown which name will be given to the spacecraft. Today, another name suggestion to be given to Turkish passengers is direct President of Turkey Huseyin Yildirim Serdar Space Agency given by.

So far, no good suggestions have been received:


President performs TUI talks about Turkey Huseyin Yildirim Serdar Sputnik Space Agency, he was also referring to a proposal from the names. Stating that thousands of suggestions have been received so far, Yıldırım said you haven’t seen a very satisfactory suggestion yet explained.

Pointing out that the name suggestions should not be a private name such as Ali Kuşçu, Fatih and Alparslan, Yıldırım common noun He stated that he was. As the selected word USA and Russia it will also be used for spaceflight sent by other countries. reminded me again.

Suggestion from the president: Fezagir

After being asked what his name suggestion was, Yıldırım said, “I liked a word used in Central Asia: Fezagir. It’s a bit old word, but I don’t know how accurate it is to be found as a connotation.“he used the expression.


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Some social media users who saw the suggestion made by Yıldırım expressed their complaints because of the Arabic origin of the word. It is worth noting that the proposal made by the TAU President is not currently a definitive recommendation, but a personal recommendation.

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