Price Drops: Bitcoin at $ 7200, Ethereum at $ 570, Ripple at $ 0.63

Bitcoin wandered around at $ 7,600 and went to a level of $ 8,000 for a Saturday night when he was preparing for a ransom, and Bitcoin had a fall of nearly $ 400 within 2 hours. Not only was Bitcoin affected by this massacre, and almost all other crypto currencies were affected by the same month's market pressure and had a price drop of nearly 5% over the past 24 hours. IOTA and BCH were the two crypto currencies that were the most front-of-the-line ticket to the club with a loss of nearly 10% and then a drop of nearly 7%.

Bitcoin now trades at $ 7,331 levels compared to the time of the press, with a total market volume of 125 billion and 38% around a market dominance. Many graphic analysts predicted Bitcoin's "big" price move on Saturday or Sunday using the Bollinger Band indicator

 Bitcoin [BTC] 's drop

Bitcoin down to the level of $ 7270. [19659005] Ethereum is also one of the crypto currencies that have fallen almost in the same way as Bitcoin, and the price graphs of both are almost the same. Ethereum was traded at the level of $ 600 before this 2 hour terrifying fall. ETH is trading at a unit price of $ 575 compared to the press time after this fall, with a total market volume of over $ 57 billion.

 Ethereum [ETH] 's drop to $ 571

Ethereum down to $ 571.

Ripple was also subjected to such a pressure, but there was a recovery soon after that. [1965902]  Ripple [XRP] 's drop to $ 0.63

Ripple dropping to $ 0.63 . The XRP is trading at $ 0.63 unit price compared to the press time of the XRP and has a total market volume of $ 25 billion. ] Despite this drop in prices, many analysts think this is unimportant, which is why Bitcoin has a trading volume of 17 billion dollars a day, even in January of this year, but yesterday's trading volume is four times lower than that, Many people, such as Thomas Lee Fundstrat 'in analyst Robert and John McAfee have come to the end of Bitcoin estimates the price as more than $ 20,000. An increase in Bitcoin will continue to be reflected in other sub-coins as market prices are still linked to Bitcoin.