Price improvements in Litecoin, BCH, EOS and BNB crypto currencies

Today the crypto money market in the red zone. In addition, the rest of the first 10 tokens grow faster than Bitcoin Ethereum and Ripple in the first 3 . Market capitalization has increased and is now at $ 176 billion.

Top-performing 4 crypto currencies


Between the top 10 crypto the rate of Bitcoin Cash in the last 24 hours It's more than eight. Currently, the price is trading in the positive region and above the support level of $ 285. According to analysts, he must approach the $ 300 to go further. 65

On the other hand, the direct resistance is around $ 320, with a price down to $ 340 on the upside price.

BCH at $ 298.91 at the time of writing.


The new week for Litecoin started better than the previous week. The analysts facing the 4-hour table show the return of the MACD indicator recipients and a possible return. If this trend continues, the current ratio of LTC is expected to reach $ 90 again by the end of the week.

In the analyst's view, key factors also support upward trends. Lately, the Litecoin network has reached a new historical maximum, a positive sign for the future perspective of crypto money.

The price of the LTC is quoted at $ 81.28 at the time of writing.


] improved position. Crypto currency increased by 5.10% to $ 5.56. At present, an important area is $ 5.60 and serves a level of resistance of $ 6, according to analysts, if broken.

The EMA indicator shows an upward trend, but a possible return should not be forgotten because the price has increased by 5% over the last 24 hours. [


In the last few days, Binance showed tremendous performance with the Coin market value and is now the 7th most popular digital asset

Given the technical analysis, crypto money returned to the level of resistance rising to $ 19 based on the 4-hour chart.

In the analysis of the asset from a long-term perspective, it can be seen that the ascent run started at the beginning of February, according to analysts. In this context, the RSI indicator shows that BNB is over-purchased and a small return is possible

The price of the BNB is $ 19.77 at the time of writing.


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