Price of Wireless Charger Duo Leaked

Samsung's new wireless charger, the Wireless Charger Duo, is now leaked.

In a story that we shared with you in the past days, we talked about Samsung's new wireless charger. This charger, which has not yet been officially announced but leaked, will charge Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch smart clock at the same time, and will also have the ability to charge two different phones at the same time.

In the shared box image, we have information that the device can charge two phones, a phone and a smart clock at the same time, and we also have name information. This is what we know about the Wireless Charger Duo because it was not officially announced, and now there is also price information. It is thought that the price of the device which will be compatible with all devices supported by Qi is about 85 dollars.


            Samsung Galaxy Note 9's Box Opening Spoiled

The device is expected to be offered with Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Note 9, but the price is still high. The average price of Samsung's other wireless chargers is $ 50, which is a huge price increase of $ 85. We can say that the charger will be rather expensive if we consider the dollar build in our country.