Prisoners Hacked Tablets to Transfer Money to Their Accounts

More than 300 detainees in the US state of Idaho are taking advantage of the security in the tablets used in prisons and receiving money in their accounts.

A very interesting event happened in America during the past days. In a prison in Idoha province, prisoners hacked their paid tablets for services such as communications, music and e-books, transferring a $ 225,000 credit to their tablet accounts.

In a total of 364 prisoners' hacking, prisoners took advantage of the difference they had discovered on tablets and transferred their credit amounts ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000. After the event was noticed, the prison administration and the JPY took back $ 65,000 of the credits, starting with the transactions, and work continues for the remaining amount.


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Prisoners will not be able to use tablets outside of email, unless all the money transferred to the accounts is recovered. Although prisoners claim to be no "intentional" action, JPY officials and the prison administration say that more than one step must be taken deliberately in order for the transfer of credits to the account to take place, but there is no mention of no security clearance.