Privacy-oriented crypto currency increased by 90 percent in two days

Privacy-oriented crypto currency Zcoin has gained significant value over the last two days with the influence of Sigma, a technical update that improves the privacy feature (XZC).

He climbed up to $ 14.19. So the price increased by 90 percent in about 48 hours. Today, XZC is finding buyers at $ 12.63 as of 00.15 TSI.

In fact, the price increase started to be visible in the last week. Zcoin, which was bought and sold at $ 6.5 a day 6 days ago, lasted for $ 9.5 on June 7, then declined slightly.

The rise in the last two days came when Sigma announced that GitHub would be officially published in block 178600 (about July 11). The market capitalization of the $ 110 million crypto currency as a result of the increase in these days is currently moving around $ 97 million.

Meanwhile, Zcoin reached its historic summit on December 26, 2017. Crypto money was sold for $ 170 that day.

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