Privileges of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

If you can’t decide which of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to buy, let’s give you some ideas. In this article, we will look at the features offered by each subscription.

Microsoft, the cloud-based gaming platform as of today xCloud service It is available on Android phones and tablets. The service of the company, which hosts more than 150 Xbox games, allows Android users to play games on their devices without the need for a computer.

However, to use Microsoft’s xCloud service, you need to have a paid Xbox Game Pass subscription. Moreover, only the highest paid one, not any of these subscriptions Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have a subscription stipulated. Subscription, normally To 44.99 TL selling.

What do other subscriptions offer?

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The price of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription may seem slightly higher. However, this membership offered by Microsoft, other Game Pass memberships what is the difference You may also wonder. Because this membership does not only allow xCloud to be used. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of membership and its difference with other memberships.

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To summarize all the differences, the table is as follows:

  • Xbox Game Pass for PC: PC, more than 200 games, no Xbox Live Gold, no xCloud, EA Play, 29.99 TL per month
  • Xbox Game Pass: Xbox, more than 250 games, no Xbox Live Gold, no xCloud, no EA Play, 29.99 TL per month
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Xbox and PC, more than 250 games, Xbox Live Gold, xCloud, EA Play, 44.99 TL per month

As you can see, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live Gold service and xCloud also includes its service. If you need Xbox Live Gold membership, when we make a monthly account, the total cost of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold membership exceeds the cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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So what exactly does Xbox Live Gold membership offer? Xbox Live Gold membership that comes with Ultimate subscription, to play online games on the console In addition to providing opportunities, it also offers you additional discounts and free games. However, if you do not need this subscription and only want to take advantage of selected games, it would be wise to turn to other Game Pass subscriptions.


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Summary of the work; if you want to access more games with the same account on PC and console Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription if you don’t want additional services on the console Xbox Game Pass and finally if you want to play games on PC without any additional services Xbox Game Pass for PC you must buy.

  • Let us remind you that the first month fee of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions for PC is 5.90 TL. This means that you can use the ultimate Xbox Ultimate subscription only 5.90 TL for the first month You can try by paying.

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