Producing Bitcoin Mining Heater

Canaan, one of the largest producers of bitcoin mining equipment in the world, announced that they would produce mining heaters.

Bitcoin mining continues to maintain its popularity despite the recent devastation, and in particular the producers of bitcoin mining equipment continue to offer many interesting projects It is.


Canaan, who explains that he has developed "bitcoin mining TV" in the past days and introduced this television,
            Canaan Creative Develops Bitcoin Mining TV

The company has now announced that it will produce heaters that make bitcoin mining. Yet there is no detailed information on how these heaters will work or their properties, but even the idea is interesting enough.

After we talked about the new miner heater project, we also gave information about the 30T Avalonminer A9 named product. The 30-liter Avalonminer A9, which has a 7 nm chip with 26.5 to 30 terahash processing capacity, stands out with its 60W to 70W / T performance.