Programming: Codestream allows discussions on the code via Slack

The Startup Codestream distributes its eponymous offer now officially on the Appstore of Slack as an extension for the messenger, such as the company in his blog announces. The principle of code stream It's about allowing development teams to discuss code directly rather than having to switch to external witnesses like Issue Tracker.

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The basic idea is quite simple and quick to explain. Plugins or addons for editors and development environments (IDEs) on the one hand, and communication tools like Messenger on the other hand, are simply connected. Certain code components can be shared with other team members and discussed directly in the chat or editor.

The number of links already offered by Codestream is comparatively high. For example, various IDEs are supported by Jetbrains such as Intellij and thus also Android Studio, as well as Githubs Atom-Editor or Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. The discussions may be considered a kind of permanent comment stored directly on the code become. It can also be used to create links to existing issue trackers.

The slack integration of Codestream has been available for some time, but now also officially approved by Slack for use with the messenger. Interested users can also test the software of Codestream with their Slack account. In addition to Slack, Microsoft Teams are also supported. The usage is free for small teams with few connections as well as for educational institutions and open-source projects. For companies there is an subscription model.