Project to convert plastic wastes to automobile fuel

A project developed at the University of Swansea in the UK can turn almost any kind of plastic waste into automobile fuel.

Perhaps the most important issue of recent years is the increasing pollution of the human population and the growing environmental pollution in line with its increasing needs. The environmental pollution, which has increased in parallel with the development of day-to-day technology, can be alleviated to some extent by the new project of British researchers.


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Nowadays, electric vehicles and plans that are rapidly becoming widespread will be able to use plastic waste as fuel for the right jobs. The loss of oil after the release to the natural world can alleviate the petroleum needs of the world's population if plastic wastes are used for an average of 450 years.


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The project, developed by Swansea University researchers, by converting the plastic waste into a hydrogen source, which in turn is synthesized with hydrogen oxygen and can convert it to fuel for automobiles and other vehicles. On the other hand, since this system can be applied directly to any plastic waste, we can compare the approach to a kind of garbage disposer

The chemist who speaks about the project that is not selective about turning plastic waste into fuel. "The best part of this project is that the material you use does not have to go through a special process," said Moritz Kuehnel. You want to use an oil pan; the oil in the cabin will not be a problem for you, but it can be said that the process will strengthen. "

There is a strong possibility that this project, which is still in its infancy, may rival electric cars in the medium-sized future. It is not yet known how the petroleum giants will follow this kind of technology. If there is only one known thing, it has a technological infrastructure that will make mankind a better life and environment conditions.