PS4-Specific Bloodborne Claims to Come Soon to PC

One of the games published exclusively on PlayStation 4 will be available to PC players soon. According to some sources that are claimed to be reliable, Bloodborne, a PS4 game, will be coming soon to the players with the PC version.

Developed exclusively for PS4 by FromSoftware Bloodborneis among the console’s most popular games. However, new rumors suggest that Bloodborne, which is exclusive to PS4, will soon be available to PC players.

Recently, Quantic Dream had a huge impact by moving PS4 special games Detroit Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls to PC. Third party studio developing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, another PS4-exclusive game fromsoftwar to can bring Bloodborne, which was launched specifically for the platform in 2015, to the PC.

Bloodborne PC version may arrive soon

bloodborne pc

It was also often on the agenda in the past when Bloodborne could come to the PC. The fact that the sources stated to be reliable also confirm these rumors strengthens the probability that the game will come to the PC. Twitter user Wario64, PCborne’s Bloodborne soon PS NowHe gave an important tip by stating that they can play without needing.

Another user, Sloth Mum, shares “Yes, Bloodborne will come to the PC. I received approval from a very reliable source and the game Will carry to PC I have a lot of faith in the company. You will not be disappointed. It really will. “ gave expressions. This is not only. Resetera moderator Jawmuncher also claims that the rumors are true and the game will come to the PC.


Made Patch That Increases Bloodborne To 60 FPS

It is an interesting detail that the rumor appeared yesterday. As you know, Sony was planning an event yesterday that focused on Playstation 5 games. However, the event was canceled due to events in the USA. Maybe Bloodborne can come to both PS5 and PC. FromSoftware can also come up with Bloodborne 2 for PS5. Although all these claims cannot go beyond rumor for now, we may receive the good news soon.

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