PS5’s Triggers Work Like A Real Gun Trigger

Sony has finally launched the PlayStation 5, which has been observed for years, in our country. The biggest advantage of the new generation console is the features of the DualSense controller. One of them is the adaptive trigger sensitivity that feels like the weapon or vehicle you use.

The sale of PlayStation 5 in our country was on the agenda with the price of the console and the depletion of stocks. In the new generation console, especially the visual processing power and data transfer speeds are remarkable. However, one of its most important advantages is that it offers not only visual or audio experience while playing games. There are emotion-oriented enhancements in the DualSense controller.

For example, let’s say you are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. As in every action FPS game, there are different weapons in this game, each with different effects and reactions. Sony has worked hard to turn this effect and reaction into an experience on the player side. a different feel for each weapon intended to be lived.

The triggers of the PS5 controller DualSense turn into a real trigger:

In this video shared by PlayStation 5 user Riyard Ramnath on YouTube, we see that the DualSense trigger also changes according to the trigger hardness, recoil frequency and delay of each weapon in the game. When a fully automatic weapon is used, the vibration on the trigger is transmitted to your finger until the magazine is empty. Also in standard weapons that trigger stiffness changes momentarily We see.

Of course, DualSense’s only emotion-focused development is not limited to triggers. Placed almost all over the controller precision vibration motors Thanks to you, you feel vibration relative to the ground on which you are walking or driving.

For more details, you can watch our PlayStation 5 review video: