PUBG's Number of Daily Players Decreased

PUBG, the center of attention for E-Sports, has been unable to reach the number of 1 million active players per day for the first time in a year.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds continue to flood with people working to feed their families with delicious chicken dishes; However, according to figures from SteamDB, for the first time, the number of active players per day dropped to less than 1 million.

PUBG's playing figures declined gradually towards the end of the year, from 3.2 million at the beginning of the year. Yesterday, 960,000 people were still playing the game, and more than 90,000 people watching PUBG on Twitch.

As Eurogamer said yesterday, Blackout of the Black Ops 4 beta form We have seen the evolution of its own battle royale mode. This only applies to Playstation 4 pre-orders. This affects the daily number of PUBG players but it is not enough to be the main reason. Because;

Competition between Fortnite and PUBG was the most effective reason for the decline in the number of players per day. Fortnite is ahead of PUBG in optimizing, Fortnite is free, and it is the main factor that reduces the PUBG mass.

PUBG Corp is working on "Fixing PUBG" in front of this competition; officially the reason for this is that the developer feels he can not afford the expectations. This was announced last month and it was not a reaction to yesterday's figures.