Qualcomm to Change Naming with Snapdragon 855

The Snapdragon 855, which will be the sequel to Qualcomm's successful mobile platform Snapdragon 845, will bring a different name with it.

Recently, Qualcomm said mobile processors should be referred to as the "mobile platform." For example, Snapdragon 660 processor or chipset instead of Snapdragon 660 mobile platform seems to be more accurate. After this change, Qualcomm's new mobile platforms now appear.


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The names of the mobile platforms Qualcomm has prepared for the upcoming period are already clear. Snapdragon 855 (SM8150), codenamed "Hena," which will be the continuation of Snapdragon 845, will be produced by TSMC with 7nm production technology.

According to other information, Snapdragon 855 will come with two different modem options. One model of the platform will have a 5G mod, and the other will come with a Cat.20 LTE modem. The 5G version is also called the Snapdragon 855 Fusion Platform.

Another mobile platform whose name is already known is Snapdragon 1000 (SCX8180), which is codenamed "Poipu". The platform, which will power ARM based computers, will also be manufactured by TSMC with 7 nm production technology. In addition, the Snapdragon 1000 will have larger dimensions than the Snapdragon 855. The SM7150 and SM7250 are among the emerging mobile platforms. Snapdragon 670 and 710 chipsets will continue to be the nature of these platforms is not yet clear details.


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As a result, Qualcomm will produce its new mobile platforms with two abbreviations: SM (Snapdragon Mobile) and SC (Snapdragon Computing). Qualcomm wants to have a significant share in the computer market as it goes on to name a new name after Snapdragon 835, which is called MSM8998 in the past and Snapdragon 845, which is called SDM845.