Quality assurance: Apple takes consequences of bugs in iOS 13

Apple redesigned its software testing process after numerous flaws in the latest iOS 13 and iPadOS operating systems and promised features were not available. According to one Report from Bloomberginformed software chief Craig Federighi his coworkers in an internal kickoff meeting over the changes.

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According to the development teams of Apple to ensure that the daily test versions unfinished or faulty features are disabled by default. The testers can selectively activate them internally and try out their effects on the overall system.

In iOS 13, there were numerous issues that could be fixed by updates. Initially, the camera app relied occasionally, there are difficulties with Exchange accounts, and sometimes the keyboard got stuck. With a trick could also be bypassed the lock screen in iOS 13. So the owner's address book could be accessed.

In Apple's map app, users can now look around in certain cities – including in San Francisco. (Screenshot:

In addition, in a later version of iOS 13, the problem was that apps running in the background often ended within a few seconds. Again, an update was postponed.

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