Raid Project Titan: Ghost Recon Breakpoint and the fight against quantum computers

It sounds wonderful after nerd nonsense: In the first raid for the action game Ghost Recon Breakpoint Amongst others, players on the island of Golem have to face a quantum computer with the diabolical name Baal. The use against this and other computers and robots – including the bosses Gargoyle and Cerberus – takes place in the context of Project Titan, the first raid for Breakpoint. It is not very funny in it, instead there are extremely challenging fights.

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Players only get access to the raid in a team of four elite soldiers with a gear score of 150. He starts on normal difficulty. In early 2020, simple and heroic will be followed by two more difficulty levels.

As a reward, according to the developers, some of the best prey and equipment items in the game so far are waving. Project Titan is reset weekly, so there are always new challenges, goals and rewards.

The Raid is set on Golem Island, off the coast of Auroa, where players were in the campaign and in the previously available multiplayer modes of Breakpoint. The gloomy island has an active volcano, so the surroundings are full of sulfur and ash.

Project Titan is the first raid and the first major expansion for Breakpoint, with more to follow. The game, released at the beginning of October 2019, has so far met neither the high expectations of the community nor the sales hopes of developer Ubisoft. The many content-related weaknesses should be eradicated gradually.

The update to version 1.03.1 has just been released, which has included changes to the adaptive magazine pockets as well as tactical vests, the gender and face selection at all times and many bug fixes. The developers are working on further improvements.

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