Rainbow Six Siege Gift to 1 Year PS Plus Users

PlayStation's North American store "Rainbow Six Siege for 1 year PS Plus free" campaign will continue until March 3.

Sony has launched a campaign that will please PlayStation users. Users who purchased a 1-year PS Plus membership along with a campaign launched at PlayStation's North American store will be able to add the standard version of Rainbow Six Siege to their library for free.

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Only new members and existing subscribers will be able to benefit from this campaign, which will continue until March 3rd. Users with a PS Plus membership that is currently active will not be able to benefit from the campaign.


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Unfortunately, this campaign, which would only be available in North America, would have been one of the factors that pushed PlayStation users to buy PS Plus. Perhaps the situation is different of course Sony's plans for Turkey Turkey is also available. If you want to buy PS Plus without any campaign, you can find the current price table below: