Rally of Lower Coins Continues with ONT: 25 Percent Increase

The lower coin market, which has started to show signs of a slow recovery in recent days, is still one of the best days, with the good condition of the markets today. The upswing of Tezos was satisfied with some of the investors.

Ontology became the star of today in the crypto money markets. With an increase of up to 25 percent in the minutes of this article, ONT managed to increase NEO to the 17th position with a 25 percent increase in the Coin Market Cap list.

ONT is currently trading at $ 1.36

On days when Bitcoin climbed up to $ 4100, ONT managed to increase its value against BTC; 33500 Satoshi is again trading with a 22% increase compared to the press time. In the meantime, the star of yesterday's crypto para Tezos, has managed to continue the momentum. XTZ, which is still close to 20 percent compared to the time of the press, now finds it buyer at $ 0.7. will he live?