Ramazan Ayda What You Need to Watch ~ Fakir Author Blog Posts

Fasting is the duty of every Muslim who is in good health. However, there are some things that we should be careful not to disturb those around you during the month of Ramadan.

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Don't exhibit aggressive behavior around you! If you cannot smoke or starve, do not take the pain out of others.

Do not fast for what people say you hold yourself. You're doing angry and stupid idiot, and then you regret it. I have to talk to many people during my day in my profession. But it makes people sad to take nonsense attitudes as if it's holding me as if it's getting very bad in Ramadan. !

For the last few years, I have been troubled about this in the month of Ramadan. You have to brush your teeth not only for the month of Ramadan but also at other times. Because your stomach is starving for a long time, your mouth starts to smell and this smell is a terrible smell. Excuse me you do not want to talk to the person you hear that smell. There's no odor. You know, im It's called the smell of starvation .

. Peppermint candies may also be sugars

Don't attack or physically attack those who do not fast! Syrian migrants have an impact on this. Our policy is effective, of course. Orphans say vermuyor verbal or physical attack on the nation.

What is the point of the fast you keep if you insult someone else because of something fasting?

You can't know if someone who's incontinent can have significant discomfort. I have a problem with my stomach. If I do not pay attention at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, I cannot fast if the reflux is triggered. Therefore, focus on the nutrients that are useful in small and small stomach. Do not inflate your stomach iftar. Im

Iatara Status Calling Those Who Are Not Good

Let me write what I see around me. But for the last 10 years this has changed a lot. Spouses, Friends and relatives are not called to anyone except iftara. Called in return for those called, that is, if he has called for you, you are inviting him

It cannot be such a deviant situation. What is the purpose? Invite non-families. Your relative is not mutual to your friend. He called me and I have to call him.

Also, do not install a separate table in the Family you call the Fire! You separate place where they do not open the iftar. It is enormous depravity and shame.

Don't offer the rest of the dinners you eat yesterday. Kalan

My last writings are what I saw in my surroundings.

Sincerely yours.
The Good Ramadan.