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  • Lünendonk has one for the first time Ranking of the leading providers of Digital Experience Services (DXS) published in Germany.
  • The combination of consulting, agency services and IT implementation is increasingly in demand among user companies.
  • In addition to digital agencies IT and management consultancies are among the leading providers.

As the study “The Market for Digital Experience Services (DXS) in Germany” by Lünendonk shows, 78 percent of companies cooperate in the development of digital business models, digital marketing and the Development of digital platforms and customer experience with external service providers. More than 40 percent of companies rely on cooperation with service providers in all phases of a digitization project. When making their selection, 76 percent of the companies place great value on a full-service portfolio of design and creativity services, consulting and IT implementation.

Digital Experience Services: Overview of service providers

These are the first results of the Lünendonk study “The Market for Digital Experience Services (DXS) in Germany”, which will be published in November. The new Lünendonk list “Leading providers of digital experience services in Germany” provides for the first time for the German market an overview of which service providers like a holistic portfolio of services Digital Consulting Services, Digital Agency Services and Digital Technology Services. In doing so, those service providers were considered who achieve significant sales (at least 30 percent or at least 100 million euros in sales) in these areas. Lünendonk calls the combination of these three performance categories DXS.

Digital Experience Services
The requirements for providers of digital experience services are diverse. (Graphic: Lünendonk)

Lünendonk has identified over 30 digital agencies as well as IT and management consultancies that can meet the Lünendonk criteria for a DXS provider and invited them to participate in the study. As part of a multi-stage evaluation process, 20 service providers met the criteria and were added to the new Lünendonk list. As a criterion for the ranking, Lünendonk opted for the total sales achieved in Germany, since a serious representation of the proportionate sales with digital experience services is not possible due to different definitions and delimitations of the individual types of services.

The ranking nevertheless shows which service providers generally have a broad DXS portfolio in order to be able to support customers in digital experience projects and which are active on the market as full-service providers in this market segment. In addition, Lünendonk has shown the proportion of the individual categories of digital experience services where it was possible based on the information provided by the service providers.

Ranking of the DXS service providers at a glance

The first half of the ranking is dominated by large consulting and IT service providers due to the total revenue criterion. Among the top 10 consulting groups such as Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, IBM and PwC, which with their share of digital experience sales, are now among the world’s largest digital agencies. Also in the top 10 are three IT consultancies, Arvato Systems, Adesso and Reply, which have gradually expanded their digital experience portfolio in recent years. The companies in places one to eleven achieve only part of their sales with Digital Experience Services and are therefore classic hybrid service providers.

In the second half of the ranking, from twelfth place onwards, there are companies that have their origins in the market for digital agencies and generate their sales predominantly or entirely with digital experience services. With PIA and the Serviceplan subsidiary, two digital agencies have exceeded the 100 million euro mark, followed by the digital agencies Team neusta, Valtech and Diva-e.

Digital Experience Services
The raning

Market volume for digital experience services in Germany

Lünendonk estimates the market volume for DXS in Germany at 7.1 billion euros. In addition to digital agencies, relevant providers in this market segment are primarily management and IT consultancies. The majority of the market volume is occupied by IT consultancies with an estimated share of around 50 percent, while digital agencies and management consultancies each account for a quarter.

For the years 2020 and 2021, the DXS service providers surveyed expect their customers to have high demand for services that help improve the customer experience along the customer journey. This requires topics such as omnichannel strategy, data analytics and end-to-end automation. At the same time, 80 percent of the service providers report on expected projects to set up and optimize the digital workplace – a topic that has gained massively in importance since the Corona crisis at the latest.

For the Lünendonk study The market for digital experience services in Germany“In addition to 20 service providers, around 170 executives from upper medium-sized companies as well as large companies and corporations were surveyed. From the end of October 2020, the study can be downloaded free of charge on the Lünendonk website downloaded. (sg)

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