Reach of Light to Otizmin Reaches

According to research conducted by the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Science and the Tubitak partnership, the low life profile of the mother in pregnancy has a negative effect on the development of the baby.

At the end of a 2-year study on experimental animals, quite interesting findings were found. It is thought that otizism, which we know originated from chromosomal breakdowns due to genetic reasons and because of consanguineous marriage, may be a different cause. TÜBİTAK Martek Advisor Assoc. Dr.

According to this, a mother who is suffering from unhealthy diet and obesity during pregnancy has a very negative effect on the child's brain development, according to Oytun Erbaş. Especially in the recent years, it has been found that autistic babies, which increased considerably, are seen 4 times more in males than females.


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Assoc. Dr. Oytun Erbas said: "In the 2-month analysis of male babies born from obese and fatty liver mothers, it was seen that the social recognition tests were impaired.The social recognition tests were based on distinguishing live and inanimate objects in the primary animals.The impairment of this distinction was found in experimental animals "

Erbas also conveyed the results of experiments on animals:" In our experimental animal studies, there was an increase in psychosis (schizophrenia) -like behaviors in the infants born to obese and fatty liver mothers, while obese and fatty liver

For the detection and early detection of autism disorder, specialists recommend that regular pregnancy checks be carried out. The more important this process is after the pregnancy, the more important it is before pregnancy.


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