Reason behind Betelgeuse Silding Explained

It was explained why Betelgeuse, which seems to have become the faintest star seen in the last 150 years, has become so dull last year. Scientists shared details showing that this phenomenon actually only applies to our point of view.

The results obtained with the observations made over the past months, show that Betelgeuse, one of the most known stars in the sky. that it has become more and more dull had revealed. So much so that Betelgeuse, according to observations made during 2019, at the end of the year It was 38% less bright.

Of course, this sudden change in the brightness of Betelgeuse, located 725 light-years away from us, attracted the attention of astronomers. Yildiz, with the point it reached last year To the lowest level of brightness seen in a star in 150 years reached. Recently, the reason for this change in Betelgeuse could finally be explained.

Why has Betelgeuse dimmed?


According to the statement shared on the Hubble Space Telescope website yesterday, this change in Betelgeuse due to a dense material had occurred. According to the statement, this material passing in front of the star was moving at a speed of 321,868 kilometers per hour.

According to the information shared on the site, some from Betelgeuse hot plasma He had come. This hot plasma is a plasma of cooled material. Dust cloud it had reached the size that covered part of the stellar surface. As a result the light seen from our side was also beginning to decrease. So the problem wasn’t with Betelgeuse itself.

why did betelgeuse stop


Scientists Discover a Milky Way-like Galaxy 12 Billion Light Years Distant

As Betelgeuse began to lose its luster, many scientists found that the star was soon supernova explosion He stated that they believed he would host. The same statements began to be made after Hubble’s statement. The researchers said they believe this event was a pre-supernova event.

However, according to some scientists, no one knows what a star was doing before having a supernova explosion. He did not know. So this event that happened in Betelgeuse might not have been a pre-supernova event. So Betelgeuse’s future currently divides scientists into two.

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