Recommendations for Those Who Have Problems With Internet Termination

Contracts you give to some companies for subscription can lead you to a subscription that can not be canceled. But you are not doomed to this. There are several ways to cancel your contract.

You may have signed a contract for individual internet, telephone or TV subscriptions. When you want to quit this contract, companies try every way to lose customers. What should we do to really cancel our subscription?

First, send your cancellation request to the company's customer service.
They will probably ask you for a cancellation by fax. Please forward your request to the number specified in the written form and retain the report on receipt.

That's all you need to do. After this procedure, there is no chance that the company will not accept your termination request. But still things can sometimes walk like we want. Despite sending the requested fax, there are no companies that are on the rise.

Where can such companies complain?

In this case, the most effective transaction you can make is to submit your complaint to the regulating agency where the company is located. For example, this institution is BTK for internet subscriptions and RTÜK for TV subscriptions. As a different way, you can apply to your current directorate of the Ministry of Customs and Trade. This method, which is very effective, will solve your problem in about 15 days.

You can find the blood in our Constitution on this subject from here