Reddit Hacklendi, Users Information Tried

According to a report in Gizmodo, Reddit was hacked and hacked by users' hackers on June 14-18

According to chief technology officer Christopher Slowe, Reddit was a hacker or a crowded was added by the hacker group and the information of the users was played. According to initial disclosures, Reddit employees use a two-stage security code to enter the site, but the resulting security breach of attack over routed SMSs appeared.

Slowe explained that after these attacks, it was understood that SMS-based security codes were not as reliable as they seemed.


It was reported that Reddit started to work to prevent the attacks immediately after noticing the attacks, but some archives containing information of the users included in the site in 2005-2007, even though the measures were taken.
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Again according to Slowe, Reddit will ask all affected users for the attack by mail and ask them to update their login information. More information from Reddit about it has not arrived yet, but it is thought that more detailed explanations will come after sharing it with information users.