Redmi's New Flagship Design Appears

We recently reported that Redmi will be launching a flagship this year. Now, the CEO of Redmi shared the prospective design of this new flagship.

Regarding the upcoming Redmi flagship, different theories have emerged about how the device would look. The Redmi CEO confirmed two of these theories and shared two different designs about how the phone might look.


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(The new Redmi flagship will have one of these two paintings.)

Lu Weibing shared these photos on the Weibo profile and asked them what design they preferred. One of these minimal designs is Honor View 20, which is embedded in the screen. 2. It is possible to see the design of an external camera in design 2.


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Which one of the designs does the new Redmi flagship share with Lu Weibing? Which design is still unclear, but the only thing we can say for sure is that this device will look similar to other top-of-the-range smartphones on the market, but it will be relatively affordable.