Refurbished Surface Pro 6 Can Be Introduced on October 2

Apart from Microsoft's new November 2018 Windows update, there seems to be other work as well. Now the eyes are locked to Surface.

Microsoft, the giant technology company, sent invitations to media organizations saying "A moment of your time". On October 2, 2018 at 16:00 New York time, according to Verge Microsoft; software, and other services.

Many people are using Microsoft's new location in New York to predict the introduction of Intel's new 8th-generation Surface Pro two-in-one tablet. This prediction seems to be within the limits of logic; because Intel introduced the 8th generation refresh processors recently at IFA.

Except for the new processors, there is no exact information about what changes Microsoft will bring to the tablets. Previously, Microsoft began designing the tablet entirely from scratch. According to Verge, however, this new design will not be ready for October. That means we should not wait another year to see the newer Surface Pros.

Another Surface device that is affected by innovations could be Surface Studio. Studio, Microsoft's first all-in-one computer, was introduced and marketed a little over a year ago.


The company plans to update the device so that it can compete with other AIOs.
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The fate of the Surface Book is a bit unclear. Because the device was updated with updated processors and graphics cards at the beginning of the year, and a USB-C port was added. A more economical solution, Surface Go, was introduced with the Surface Book.

This autumn season seems to be intense in terms of technological equipment. Apple announced on September 12th that it would introduce new iPhones and Google said it would hear the new Pixels.