Remarks of John Wick Director Chad Stahelksi

John Wick: Chapter 3 – The director of Parabellum, Chad Stahelksi, said the film's test screenings were not very helpful to him.

The selected audience watches the film in which the efetks and other arrangements are completely unfinished and then comment. Sometimes the audience has great criticism and makes a great contribution to the progress of the film. Sometimes the opposite happens. This is what John Wick 3 looks like.

Chad Stahelski tells us how the test shows are a problem and how he handles it. John Wick 3, which will be released in May, was still a bit more time, so test demonstrations had to be made and it was necessary to make sure that it was on the right track. This process, which took place for the first two films, proceeded in a similar way for all of them. Stahelksi explains:


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"The pacing of the film is always true to the correct interpretation, which is expected, but they can conflict with each other. What is the thing you love most about John Wick 3? We love the action! What was it? There was so much action! '

It's hard to control this situation, but we want you to change it, and if you change it, we can totally hate it, it's the best action movie we've seen, but there's extreme action. ' So what do you expect me to do? "

The John Wick series is a truly successful series of action scenes. The reason for this is that the director has found a balance between action and story. Although it is a very difficult task, it seems that this limit will be difficult to overcome so that the film can be loved by everyone. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum will be released on May 3, 2019.


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