Renault Announces New Passenger Car Prices

one of the world's oldest automotive company Renault has updated its passenger car prices in Turkey. There was a lot of reaction for the prices that will be valid from 4 to 17 September. Cheapest zero Renault car was labeled as a minimum £ 97 900. [19659002] International trade war, a new hikes caused by many factors, including economic sanctions between the US and Turkey came from Renault. The company drew up its passenger car prices in Turkey. The price list that resonates in automobile forums can discourage consumers from buying zero cars.

Renault has not made an increase in passenger cars in general, but also raised excise duty on scrap vehicle incentives. Even if people who have never used a car before, or who are not older than 16 years old, benefit from the scrap vehicle incentive, the prices are still pocket-friendly.

The Association of Automotive Distributors announced in its August 2018 report that passenger car sales decreased by more than 50% compared to August 2017. The price hikes of companies operating in our country like Renault have also reduced the number of potential buyers.


            Automotive Sales in August 2018, Dibi Gördü compared to August 2017

Here are 4-17 September 2018 passenger car prices announced by Renault:






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