Render 3D models with Adobe Substance 3D

At the beginning of 2019 Adobe took over the French software manufacturer Allegorithmic, now its 3D tools are available as an Adobe software package under the title “Substance 3D”. It includes the Painter, Stager, Designer and Sampler applications. They can be used to add textures to three-dimensional grid models, illuminate them and place them in a scene with other 3D objects in front of a background. Stylized or photo-realistic images are created from 3D designs. Compared to programs like Blender and Cinema 4D, Adobe tries to make it easy to use.

The main program is the Substance 3D Painter. Imported 3D objects can be assigned with materials via the library palette using drag & drop so that they look like they are made of plastic, metal or wood. The program also adds scratches and dust to make the model look realistic.

With one click, you can send the model to the Stager program in order to combine several 3D models into a scene, illuminate them and ultimately take a virtual photo. When you move elements in Stager, they collide with each other, so users don’t have to worry about physics. For example, books fall over when they are pushed. If desired, the program fades in backgrounds and lamps like in a real photo studio.

In the Substance 3D Sampler, photos can be converted into 3D materials or lighting environments. Artificial intelligence transforms gray structures into realistic-looking objects made of materials such as brick walls. Substance 3D Designer is used to create textures.

A connected 3D asset library brings thousands of 3D models, materials and lighting environments with it and offers access to the Creative Cloud font library. In Modeler you can design 3D objects in virtual reality or on the desktop; the program will soon appear as a private beta version.

Adobe offers a variety of materials in the asset library.

The Substance 3D Collection is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Adobe has only mentioned US prices so far: The package costs $ 49.99 a month or $ 549.88 a year.


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