Repairability: Fairphone 3 gets full marks on iFixit

The Fairphone 3 of the Dutch manufacturer Fairphone has in Teardown from iFixit get the full score on reparability. With 10 points, it is together with its predecessor, the Fairphone 2, so far the only smartphone, this maximum result has reached.

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As with the Fairphone 2, the modular design of the Fairphone 3 makes it easy to repair certain components. Components such as the display, the speakers, the cameras, or even the USB-C port and the vibration motor can easily be removed by yourself, as we found in our test.

Instructions for disassembly is not necessary

In order to disassemble the Fairphone 3, we did not even have to read a manual: The components are all labeled and easy to assign, as iFixit praises. In addition, Fairphone uses conventional Phillips size 00 screws for all screw connections that users can easily solve.

In addition, the modules themselves can be easily disassembled and remove the motherboard without significant problems. However, this will hardly be necessary for the average user since the most important wear parts are modular. The modules cost between 20 and 50 euros, the screen is the most expensive at 90 euros.

The Fairphone 3 has a 5.7-inch Full HD screen. (Image: Martin Wolf /

In the conclusion of iFixit, the makers of the site find only one point of criticism: In the modules, some components are soldered and not plugged. In addition to the modular structure, prizes include the printed visual aids and the availability of spare parts on the manufacturer's website.