Report: Twitter is also interested in TikTok

According to a media report, Twitter is said to be in preliminary negotiations about a possible connection with the Chinese video platform TikTok. That reports that Wall Street Journal and cites as a source two anonymous people who are familiar with the matter. It should be about the US business of TikTok, whereby the outcome of the talks is open and Twitter may not pursue the matter further.

Both companies did not want to comment on the report, a spokesman for TikTok told him Business Insider a “market rumor”. Of the Report in Wall Street Journal leaves open how the business between the two companies could look like, for example whether the Chinese parent company Bytedance would sell the video platform entirely to Twitter.

After US President Trump recently threatened to “ban” the US popular video-sharing app TikTok, Microsoft quickly expressed interest in the social media service and is considered the most promising candidate for a deal. Initially, Trump had raised security concerns about TikTok because it was allegedly leaking data to the Communist Party in China; There is no evidence of this and TikTok claims not to transmit any data. Trump is now aggressively pushing for the app to be sold and wants to ban US business with Bytedance altogether in order to reach an agreement within 45 days.

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As the WSJ report goes on to say, Microsoft, with a market capitalization of over a trillion US dollars, is a much larger and more potent prospect than the short message service Twitter with a comparatively low market capitalization of 29 billion US dollars. However, for precisely this reason, one expects a less strict anti-trust examination of a possible deal on Twitter than is likely to be the case with Microsoft.


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