Researchers Review Super Black Holes

Astronomers say they have gained significant evidence that the highest-energy radiation in the environment may belong to cosmic rays, starting from the "ghost" particles found in Antarctica.

The existence of cosmic rays was discovered more than 100 years ago, can not get any kind of desired data about coming. Because when these rays travel to the Earth, the atmosphere of the planet absorbs most of it. A study launched in September 2017 provided some different data on this issue. The researchers claim that they have found "ghost" particles or neutrons, thanks to the IceCube, which consists of a huge array of sensors embedded in the Antarctic glacier.

Scientists named TXS 0506 + 056 to this structure, which is similar to the blazar (super-mass black holes), is a black hole with a black hole Orion says the constellation is in the sky just below the arm. TXS 0506 + 056, located 4 billion light years from Earth, is at the center of an active mass of galaxies.

After detection of high-energy neutrino, IceCube warned of other astronomics targeting the light-based observation rooms in Blazar. Other telescopes and detectors entering the circuit succeeded in capturing another wave of radiation. This discovery, described as the first proof of having an active galaxy by researchers, will make great progress in learning more about objects and observing the universe to arrive at more precise conclusions about phenomena.

The Mystery of the Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays continually bomb the Earth. These particles, also called cosmic ionizing radiation, form core atoms or subatomic particles of protons that move at almost the speed of light. I also mention that these rays can travel billions of years before hitting the Earth.

These rays do not pose any risk to people living on Earth because the atmosphere of the planet is able to protect the earth from the magnetic field it possesses. In fact, according to Eddie Semones, a medical officer working on radiation in NASA, the world's natural radioactive material is hitting people more than galactic cosmic rays



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The effects of cosmic rays on radiation can not be completely solved, but there are important indications that the source may be exploding stars called supernovae. It is difficult to determine the center of this kind of thing because it does not mean that the things that are known but have not solved the source are coming from there all the time. For example, looking at the light coming from a flashlight, we can easily find the direction in which it comes, but cosmic rays can not be detected due to the fact that they are constantly traveling and displacing.