Respawn Opens War on Cheaters at Apex Legends

The free Battle Royale game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, seems to be unappealing for the players who cheat on Apex Legends. Respawn's community manager Jay Frechette has announced that they have taken new importance for such situations and that they do not want to see cheating players on their platform

. 's developers, the game has declared war on the users. Jay Frechette, Respawn's community manager, said, "We only banned over 355,000 players through Easy-Anti-Cheat on the PC." Frechette, "Yes, Easy-Anti-Cheat works. But we need to continue to fight against the cheaters. Apex Legends players are taking care of in-game health and take this issue seriously."


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The developer of the game, Respawn'in working on new and improved ways to combat cheating Frechette, said the studies should remain confidential, did not give more details. It is known that Respawn and EA work with many experts about the troubles that Apex Legends players are troubled about.


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Respawn, who recently decided to expand the team that is dealing with cheating, is preparing to play a new reporting feature in order to be able to report the gamers in the game. Although it is not expected to be effective immediately, it is almost certain that in the long run, Apex Legends will make a better game.