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With the help of e-invoicing and so-called clearance procedures, it is the goal of more and more countries in Europe to expand the obligation to report VAT-relevant data for companies. So now Hungary has its requirements for that Real-time reporting requirement significantly tightened for electronic invoices. Since January 2021, companies have to electronically report all invoices to companies subject to tax in Hungary and private individuals to the national tax and customs administration. In addition, all invoices to companies inside and outside the EU must be reported. This is intended to promote the digital transformation in administration and curb tax fraud.

On the other hand, the requirements when converting to electronic invoicing processes are so complex that existing systems and infrastructures often reach their limits. In particular with regard to EDI formats, Transmission paths, the connection to state-provided interfaces for the transmission of invoices or legal requirements with regard to document content and archiving, there are differences from country to country that must be taken into account.

E-Invoicing: Cloud services also meet complex requirements

The more a company’s business is internationally oriented, the more complex and numerous are the national requirements for e-invoicing in the respective countries. With the Retarus Business Integration Platform, companies can meet almost any country-specific requirement that e-invoicing brings with it, for example in the areas of B2B, B2G and B2C. All data is continuously updated even under dynamic conditions, such as in Hungary XML wrapper format, transferred securely and reliably to any recipient directly from the ERP system in the specified structured format. Upon request, Retarus will check all relevant data in advance. This significantly reduces the effort required for correction runs.

Retarus e-invoicing
The Retarus Business Integration Platform supports e-invoicing in Europe. (Graphic: Retarus)

The powerful cloud services are flexibly scalable and can be adapted to new requirements on a global level at any time, for example due to international expansion or new legal requirements. Retarus fulfills national and international compliance requirements and standards such as XRechnung, Chorus Pro and FatturaPA and, as “Certified PEPPOL Access Point“That companies can easily send electronic invoices to public institutions across Europe. The auditable Retarus data centers guarantee the highest level of transparency with regard to security, process security and compliance. If required, the cloud provider also offers convenient, legally compliant long-term archiving of digital invoices.

EDI Consulting Services decide on project success

The process of electronic invoicing is becoming more and more technically demanding and has to be adapted to individual requirements depending on the size of the company, location and industry. As an international cloud service provider with over 20 years of experience in the implementation of extensive EDI projects, Retarus offers its customers professional support. “Many companies do not know in advance how many technical and content-related provisions have to be observed. Often, internal processes, document content and formats have to be adapted in accordance with country-specific requirements before the existing invoice processes can even be implemented in a legally compliant manner, ”explains Kai Pang, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Retarus.

“When switching to e-invoicing, our EDI consultants, with many years of professional, procedural and technical experience, are available to advise you on the analysis of existing processes. They point out potential integration challenges at an early stage and implement new or optimized e-invoicing solutions together with the customer, taking individual requirements into account, ”continues Kai Pang.

Retarus controls communication for companies worldwide with solutions and services, intelligent infrastructure and patented technologies “Made in Germany”. The state-of-the-art technologies, high-availability data centers and the innovative cloud messaging platform from Retarus provide a high level of security, performance and business continuity. (sg)

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